Warning: This Site Has Been Hacked

I was informed today by my webmaster that endodoc.org has been “hacked” into. Apparently, Word Press, the organization that provides the software for the website has been compromised. What happens is that Google-links to the website show article titles correctly but also describe various pornographic subjects. If one clicks on the link, endodoc.org does show up without any nasty stuff. As I understand it, the big problem is that Google monitors links and if they find reference to pornography, they shut down links to the website in question. For me this is not much of an issue, but just think of what it might be to a legitimate business that lives or dies by their web business?

I have been assured by my webmaster that he and colleagues are working to “clean up” the problem (I think this problem has affected thousands of sites) as quickly as possible. I recommend that you go directly to the website rather than being lazy and just punching in a Google search for “endodoc” until the problem has been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Finally, I apologize for not having a new entry for a while now- I was out of town doing this and that. I promise to get back in the groove quickly.

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