Improving Health Care In The U.S.: Putting All The Pieces Together

Looking back at my entries from the past 3 months or so, one might get the idea that I am obsessed with the problems plaguing the U.S. health care system rather than addressing endocrinology issues, which is after all what the website is supposed to be all about.  In fact, I felt compelled to address the health care system problems precisely because they are serious barriers to people with chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus from receiving optimal medical care.  It matters little how caring or brilliant a physician might be if his patients (potential and established) can’t get clinic visits in a timely fashion or afford their medications.

I apologize that I did not write the entries in a very orderly fashion.  I should have started wtih an introduction to the series of articles and then addressed the issues in a logical order, from problems with access to health care (the entry from 29 November 2008), and ended with cost issues (the entry from 18 January 2009 as well as several earlier ones).  Instead, I hopped around from here to there beginning with the first entry 10 October 2008 and ending with the 18 January 2009 entry.  I hope you will read all of the entries in whatever order you wish and with some luck you may find that taken together they make sense.  I would like to hear from you about my proposals to “fix” the U.S. health care system, whether you agree or disagree with any or all of the components.  I promise to get off the health care bandwagon for a while and get back to hardcore endocrinology issues.

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