FYI: What About Health Care Reform?

I want to call to your attention a series of very interesting and important articles published in the New York Times Science Times Section yesterday (Tuesday, March 30, 2010).  The articles do a pretty good job of summarizing what’s what about the new health care bill passed by Congress.  I would particularly recommend two of the articles.  The first is entitled “What you need to know in the first year” and was written by Tara Parker-Pope.  The second is entitled “Law may do little to help curb unnecessary care” and was written by Gina Kolata.  Some of the other article titles include:  “No matter what, we pay for others’ bad habits,” “Overhaul will lower the costs of being a woman,” and “What the health care overhaul could mean for you: do you have health insurance now?”  I think the various articles provide a fairly good overview of what the new law is likely to do and not do.  I will offer no opinions on the subject except to say that I hope the new health care legislation is “a work in progress.”  What I mean is that if the new health care bill was a college course exam, the grade would be “incomplete.”  It is interesting, however, that so far every patient I have talked to has  told me the new law would help them out.  We’ll see.

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