Weight-loss Strategies: Some New Data

FYI: There was an interesting article in the New York Times the other day about the eternal struggle for weight loss.  The article was published October 25, 2010, written by Nicholas Bakalar,  and entitled “Approach may matter in advice on weight.”    The study, conducted by Nicholas Rodondi and colleagues at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland,  looked at the relationship between the way doctors talked to their patients about weight reduction and results.  The investigators found that “motivational talk” was more successful than “non-motivational talk” in resulting in weight loss after 3 months.  The investigators defined motivational talk as an approach that enlists the patients’ desire for change and is not judgmental or confrontational.  Anyway, it’s an interesting study and the approach makes sense but 3 months follow-up is clearly not long enough to determine if not fussing at overweight patients works best.

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