More About Weight-Loss Programs And An Apology

Three entries in three days!  I must slow things down so that readers don’t expect a steady stream of entries.  Anyway, I want to update my entry from yesterday and add a few new items.

First, the on-line article in the New York Times March 16, 2011 regarding the demise of Satiety Inc., the company that had promoted gastric stapling via the oral route, was published in the paper version of the newspaper yesterday (“Hoping to Avoid the Knife,” written by Andrew Pollack).  The article is very well-written and is a good review of the entire field of bariatric surgery ( i.e., weight-loss surgery) and approaches that minimize the surgical aspects.

Second, there is another interesting article in the New York Times today about treating obesity.  The article is entitled “Warmed-Over Atkins? Don’t Tell the French,” written by Elaine Sciolino.  Why this article is in the Thursday Styles section of the paper and not the Business Section (where the Pollack article appeared) I haven’t a clue other than the subject is the very stylish French.  Anyway, the article discusses Pierre Dukan, the so-called “French Dr. Atkins.”  Dr. Dukan is not well known in the U.S., but in France he is a giant celebrity and there is even a term to describe his devotees, “Dukanistes.”  What prompted the article is the news that Dr. Dukan’s diet plan will be published in a North American edition (presumably for the first time, and presumably in English) entitled “The Dukan Diet.”  The article discusses the diet, which seems to me to be just about identical to the original Atkins Diet- high protein/high fat/low carbohydrate.  I have no comments regarding the Dukan Diet except that as I have said in the past, almost every diet ever dreamed up, works just fine, but I am not aware of any diets that have shown consistent benefit over the long haul.  Of course I know you will probably buy the book and try the diet.  Whatever.

Finally, I have a bit more about hCG.  I learned yesterday from a physician colleague of mine that hCG is available not only in drop form but also as an oral spray (e.g, KetoMist or ‘My Fat Cure’ Homeotherapeutic HCG Oral Spray).  This physician has been taking a spray dose of the stuff every day for about a year (his wife bought it for him).  He told me it is great stuff and that he lost 30 pounds over the past year.  I told him I was impressed and asked if he did anything else besides taking the spray to achieve such good results.  He smiled and told me that he cut way back on his calories and increased his exercise.  I bit my tongue and didn’t say a word other than to tell him he looked great.

I almost forgot my apology.  Yesterday I was trying to “clean up” my website and delete spam but keep the interesting reader comments.  Well, I managed to delete all of the comments.  Sorry.

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