Can’t Understand How the New Health Care Law Works?

On October 1, 2013, it became possible to sign up for a health insurance plan on the health care exchanges as part of the Affordable Care Act or ACA (aka ObamaCare).  Notwithstanding some computer glitches with the website, mostly caused by incredible demand- 3 or 4 million hits- there is considerable confusion regarding the exchanges.  Of course,  lost in the frenzy is the fact that people have 6 months to get signed up and the new plans don’t kick in until January 1, 2014 at the earliest.  Anyway, the ACA is complicated and it will take some time for us to understand fully how it works (if we ever do).  I want to let you know about a very useful article that was published today (October 5, 2013) in the NYT.  The article is entitled “Questions often asked about health law,” and was written by Tara Siegel Barnard.  Check it out  if you don’t already have health insurance through your employer, have Medicaid, or Medicare (you don’t need to do anything).

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