How to Treat Anorexia: a Warning

I just wanted to give you a “heads up” on an important article that was published today in the NYT Science Times section .  The story was entitled: “Recovery, at a Price,” and was written by Erica Goode.  Basically, the article summarized a scientific study on anorexia that is soon to be published in the journal Psychiatric Services, and authored by Dr. Evelyn Attia and colleagues at Columbia University Medical Center eating disorders clinic.  Anorexia (generally called anorexia nervosa) is a very serious medical disorder, with a high mortality rate, from either starvation or suicide.  The study addressed the question of for-profit residential care centers and the large differences among them in the quality of care.  The article is a long one, but well worth reading.  In particular, the article is just what parents of adolescents and young adults with anorexia and other eating disorders  need to know about how to evaluate candidate residential care facilities for their loved ones.

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